My Diary
We have received the terribly sad news that Jack Brown has passed away. Like Jacob, Jack was cruelly chosen to battle neuroblastoma and did so for four years. Jack faced his illness with a maturity well beyond his years and his courage and spirit captured the hearts of so many people, ours included. 

Jack’s family were tireless in seeking a cure for his illness and never gave up hope. If you are ever to wonder what lengths a parent would go to to love, cherish and protect their child, then look no further. 

Myself and Nicky owe Yvonne, Jack’s Mother, so much. When we were lost and needed help, she reached out and offered us hope, hope for better treatments, hope of a cure. Without Yvonne’s help we would never have been able to undertake our fundraising for Jacob and for this we are eternally grateful.

I always hoped that one day Jacob would get to meet Jack and we take comfort from knowing that they will now be together, somewhere else, somewhere better, with all the other angels.

Our thoughts are with all the family.

Anthony, Nicky and Ben.
Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Jack Brown