My Diary
Jacob managed a fantastic trip to Lapland in Finland last week and had he time of his life. Our thanks go to the wonderful ‘Wish Upon A Star’ Charity for making this happen as they really did everything possible for Jacob and a group of other children with serious illnesses.
The following day what we thought was exhaustion from the trip turned out to be a nasty viral infection, resulting in yet another hospital admission for Jacob.
Immediately following his discharge, Jacob was transferred to Alder Hey Hospital for his latest MIBG scans and bone marrow biopsy. At one point it looked as though the scans might have to be cancelled due to Jacob’s infection but a plan was hatched and this went ahead, albeit a day later than planned.
The next day we received the initial scan results.....Jacob’s cancer has now spread to every part of his body and has now also invaded his liver. His bone marrow is also packed full of cancer. We had hoped that Jacob’s latest treatment would at least hold this disease at bay, but the manner in which this beast has spread through his little body during his latest treatment has shocked us.
We asked the inevitable question and were told that Jacob has maybe a couple of months to live, possible more, possibly less. We will consider our options now, but Jacob is growing weaker and things could happen quickly.  At this stage we do not feel driven to put Jacob through more intensive treatment abroad, the last two months saw him suffer badly and to no avail. Instead, our feeling is that we should concentrate purely on giving Jacob quality of life, something now tells us that is now the right thing to do after two years of fighting this monster.
Our hearts are broken, but despite this impossibly difficult ordeal we will try and enjoy a last Christmas with Jacob and our family and then plan to take him away for a special holiday.
We ask more than ever for your prayers.....
Best Wishes to you all.
Anthony and Nicky.
Saturday, 20 December 2008
The Best And Worst Of Times